GREEN TECH ENVIRONMENT JOINT STOCK COMPANY confident to be a reliable consultant in the field of Environment, with the motto “improve the quality of life”. At the same time, bringing for customers the optimal solution in harmonizing environmental criteria with economic benefits, ready to stand side by side with customers in solving environmental problems. GREEN TECH – Consultant:
  • To design domestic and industrial wastewater treatment plants
  • To transfer environmental technology
  • To consult to establish Environmental Impact Assessment reports (DTM).
  • To build Environmental Monitoring program
  • Establishment of environmental protection commitments
  • To check design and total estimation of wastewater treatment plant
  • To supervise construction and install equipment in wastewater treatment
  • To consult about Cleaner Production technologies (CP).
  • To establish Discharge permit
CONTACT US Hotline: Ms.Vu Thi Kim Ngan 0909 042 451 Or telephone: 028 3866 5645 for a consultation.  

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